Phone: 5502 3333

To report a stray animal contact the Gold Coast City Council  on (07) 5667 5990. They will collect the animal free of charge from your property. The council have microchip scanners and a database for missing pets so they may be able to deliver the dog straight back to its owner.

If you cannot house the animal or wait for council to collect them from you, take the stray to;

  • Coombabah Rehoming Centre – Shelter Road, Coombabah – (07) 5581 7600
  • Animal Welfare League (open 7 days & next to council) – (07) 5509 9000


Council have advised that on weekends they patrol dog beaches with Police so therefore do not offer a stray pick up service AT ALL. Finders of strays should take them to Council holding pens or to the Animal Welfare League. Officers regularly check the pens and once the pen is closed by you, it cannot be re-opened, so the animal is safe. There is water inbuilt and the pens are fully secure with shelter.

Locations of council holding pens

  • Merrimac Holding Pens – Boowaggan Road
  • Staplyton Holding Pens – Rossmans Road


If the stray looks sick or injured, contact the RSPCA before the Council on 1300 264 625.


Check the ‘Gold Coast Lost and Found’ Facebook page. People missing pets will have reported them on this page so you should be able to locate the owner quickly. If you cannot find the pet you’ve found listed as missing, take a picture of the animal and post it up on the page to alert the owner that you have found the animal. Remember this page is Lost AND FOUND.


1. DISEASE Unvaccinated, stray animals could be harbouring disease (e.g. Kennel Cough) which could be spread to patients in hospital. We have a duty of care to keep our clients pets in a safe environment.

2. STRESS TO PATIENTS  Stray animals bark a lot which hinders the recovery of our surgical patients. Unlike surgical patients, stray animals cannot be sedated to keep the environment quiet, which is essential for recovery.

3. CAGE SPACE  Local government and Gold Coast Council do not offer any care or funding for injured wildlife. We, the local veterinarian are their only help. To care for them, we must have cage space available. We simply don’t have the cage space to house wildlife, strays plus our own hospital & surgical patients.

4. STAFF SAFETY  We do not have the necessary equipment to handle unruly dogs (e.g. poles). Our patients can be medically sedated for ease of handling however we are not able to sedate strays. Our staff have been injured and bruised many times by strays in our care. We are simply not equipped to handle unruly or aggressive dogs. The council are in place and trained for this.

What to do if you find a stray animal
Source: Vet Lounge